3 Ways for Family Entertainment Centers to Capitalize on Summer Break

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Most students have June and July off of school, and during this time kids and their parents, guardians and babysitters are desperately looking for things to do. Here are 3 ways for your family entertainment center to capitalize on summer break and get these families coming to your center:

1. Offer “Beat The Heat” Specials

Summer break can be expensive for families – from time off work and babysitters, to family vacations, staycations and outings. So anytime they have a chance to save some money, they’ll take it. Some of our favorite summer specials to run, include offers like:

  • A coupon for 20% off on any day that the temperature is forecasted above 90 degrees. This type of campaign adds a fun twist to your offers and keeps your business on your customer’s mind every time they feel the sun shining down on them. Just keep in mind your local weather trends when picking your temperature to discount at. For example, Arizona hits 90 degrees almost everyday in the summer whereas 90 degrees in Hawaii is a very odd occurrence.
  • One free adult pass (ticket, entry fee or other basic cost) with the purchase of 4 or more kids. This is one of our most successful type of campaigns that we recommend, as it encourages large and multi-family visits.
  • Discounted party deals and event packages. Family reunions, birthday parties, summer school field trips and classroom playdates move from outdoor parks and backyards to family entertainment centers, so the better your offer the more likely they choose your business.

2. Provide Free Wi-Fi

By providing your customers with free internet, you not only benefit by capturing their information to later market to them, but you also appeal to tech-friendly parents, guardians, babysitters and even children. This is especially applicable at centers that cater to younger children, as adults are able to connect their device and keep themselves entertained while their children play. Plus, studies show that centers that provide free internet access have guests stay for longer amounts of time than at centers without internet access – and the longer a customer is in your center, the more money they will spend.

Tip: A good way to attract users to your hotspot is to display “Wi-Fi Here” signs on the inside and outside of your center, as well as adding a note to your website, that advertise you have a hotspot at your location.

3. Build a Summer Friendly Menu

Experts agree that one of the keys to a successful family entertainment center is having a good food and beverage program; it encourages guests to stay longer, spend more, and increases the likeliness of them leaving a review. As important as this is year-round, in the summer months it is even more crucial. Why? Because summer is the season of fun foods and drinks: watermelon and cherries, margaritas and piña coladas, and grilled goods. And this seasonal food and beverage trend means that the difference in your menu and your competitors could very well be the deciding factor.

Tip: You can even take it a step further than just adding a Pineapple smoothie to your menu by offering summer happy hour specials.

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