Why Unreliable Marketing Might Be Hurting Your Business

As a local business owner, you play many roles in keeping your business afloat. From managing staff, keeping your center operating, and satisfying customers, you don’t have a lot of time for marketing your business. When you can’t rely on your marketing to bring customers into your center, it can become exhausting and leave your center empty.


Often, you will sit down for hours to come up with subject lines just to catch attention. Meanwhile, operations of your business are going haywire. In reality, you’re just hoping that someone opens your email to accept a great offer. When those new customers decide to come in, they are just interested in the price and not your business so they never come back again.

At the end of the day, the winners in this situation are those new customers and the marketing solutions that profit off of your efforts without giving you a return. Not your business and certainly not your bottom line. 

Instead of promoting your business the way you have always been told by marketers, what if you could keep your center busy year round and generate predictable revenue that you could rely on? 

The fact of the matter is that the traditional way of marketing is often not right for your local business. From email marketing to website design, these practices are made for professional marketers in enterprise companies with a budget that can afford unreliable marketing. For a local business, a marketing campaign that doesn’t work can send a great center with devoted customers to be empty all week. 

If you feel like your marketing is holding your business back, here are three reasons unreliable marketing might be hurting your business rather than helping you bring in more foot traffic and revenue.

Newsletters Aren’t Right for You

Marketers have told you that you need to be in constant contact with your customers. In the past, that meant you needed to send out a newsletter about your company every month or two weeks. 

Newsletters are great at sending updates to your customers; however, when it comes to direct revenue and foot traffic you are seeing out of them, they are stopping you from seeing real results. Often, these updates are focused on your company, while customers are constantly asking the question of “What can you offer me?”. By focusing on actionable experiences, our customers have been able to start using their customer database in a way that drive clear revenue and foot traffic.

Many of the marketing solutions out there focus on generating more email addresses to send more newsletters to, but in fact, if you’ve been serving your customers and collecting emails, you have what you need to start monetizing it. While collecting email addresses is incredibly important for small businesses, using them for newsletters is not giving them the best chance to generate revenue. 

You Didn’t Start a Business to Market

FetchRev works with a thousand family entertainment centers and health and beauty businesses nationwide, and we have never heard from a customer, “I started a business because I wanted to market it.” Most business owners we have worked with started their local business for many reasons like giving back to their community, doing work they are proud of, and being in control of their lifestyle. Once they open their new business, they find that marketing is a necessary part of it and a skillset they need to develop immediately. From there, the success of their business starts becoming about how promotions perform, not the customers they serve and the experiences they have. At FetchRev, we believe that a successful business is about how you serve your customers, not how great your marketing is. 

Rather than spending hours of your day every week promoting your business when it’s not the reason you started, start looking for opportunities to automate the promotion of your company. Instead of buying marketing solutions that give you another job writing subject lines or creating web pages, look for how you can make your marketing work for you, not the other way around. By changing the way you perceive the marketing of your company, you can take the pressure off of your promotions and focus on the real reason you started your business.

If You Can’t Track It, It’s Not Reliable

Finally, most traditional marketing focuses on metrics that aren’t really valuable to the bottom line of your business. With most marketing solutions, you are able to see the click and open rates on your email marketing, but in reality, what does that mean for your business. These solutions don’t want to show off the exact revenue generated from your efforts, because it will show that you might not need them. By focusing on marketing efforts that only generate revenue for your business like actionable offers instead of newsletters, you will never have to question what your promotions are doing for you. This way, you can know whether a promotion is helping your business or just wasting your time. 

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably realized that your current marketing might be hurting your business. You might be wondering how you can start sending actionable offers, automating your marketing, tracking your results. Don’t worry, we are hosting a webinar that will answer all these questions to show you how to “Crowd Your Center Without Wasting Thousands on Unreliable Marketing”.

In this webinar, we will cover exactly how our top customers have made this a reality by changing the way they promote their business entirely. 

Our goal for this webinar is to help two types of business owners. If you are exhausted putting your precious time and effort into your center only to see it turn up empty, you will learn that you can effortlessly fill your center while still taking care of operations. If you want to see trackable and predictable revenue rather than wonder if they can make ends meet at the end of the month, this webinar will show you how to make sure you can get customers in the door, reliably.

Join us on to learn the three truths of crowding your center.

  • How you can start using your email addresses to generate revenue, not clicks.
  • How you can get better results by doing less work on your own
  • How you can grow your business by tracking your marketing results down to the dollar.
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