Hownd Promotional Marketing Helps Local Merchants Through Rain and Shine

As the economic weather continues to shift, Hownd is ready to help local merchants! What a strange few years it has been for local merchants: Prior to Covid-19 – “Goldilocks” – A strong but balanced economy Covid Lockdowns – Screeching Halt – Government-mandated restrictions mean closed locations and no consumers Covid Reopenings – Vaccinations Save […]

Hownd Delivers Better Results for Merchant Email Campaigns

Sending Domain Change Boosts Key Deliverability Metrics “Don’t Fix What isn’t Broken” ..But what if something is “good” but not “great”??? That’s what we recently pondered here at Hownd as we reviewed the statistics of the primary domain we use to send promotional emails to consumers. While the locboxlabs domain had solid results over the […]

Reach More Customers with Facebook Promos – Now with Rich Metadata

Facebook Promos Now Feature Metadata for Better Results Good news!  Rich campaign metadata is now available for your Facebook promos, giving deals shared in your social media feed an even more eye-catching ability to turn casual browsers into actual customers. All new promo campaigns will include this new functionality.  BEFORE: A generic promo banner AFTER: […]

Out with the Old in 2022: Goodbye Pay-Per-Visit Fees!

New Hownd Pricing Model Streamlines Onboarding and Eliminates PPV Fees Since launching in 2019, the Hownd local promotions platform has helped thousands of local merchants across North America drive more foot traffic with a “zero-risk” pricing model. Unlike group deal sites that lead to swarms of profitless visitors, Hownd helps local merchants build strong and […]

New Intercard Integration Improves Experiences

New connection streamlines redemption of MyHownd promos on Intercard readers, getting consumers back to the fun even faster There’s good news for merchants using Intercard!   New integration between the Hownd / FetchRev and Intercard platforms makes it easy for consumers to redeem MyHownd promos on Intercard self-service kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems.  Previously, when a […]

Ho, Ho, Hownd for the Holidays 2021

It’s time to get ready for this special time of year! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and Hownd is ready to help merchants make the most of this very special season when consumers have their wallets open and are ready to spend!   Local merchants who offer great experiences are especially attractive […]

Announcing New BOGO and Multi-Redemption Features

New BOGO Functionality Makes it Easier to Share Gifts and Track Redemptions BOGO promotions and all their varieties — including buy-one, and get one free, get one 50% off, get a bonus card, get 4-session passes at one special price, and more — can be a really effective way to get more consumer impulse purchases […]

Who? Hownd and Hearst in Houston!

Hownd merchants in Katy and Sugar Land get free exposure in Hearst Newspapers’ print and digital platforms We have some good news for Hownd merchants in Katy and Sugar Land (Texas)! Hownd and Hearst Newspapers just announced a new relationship that will start with a special focus on providing merchants on the Hownd platform in Katy […]

Monetize Visitor Foot Traffic with Guest WiFi Marketing

Hownd WiFi Dog

Offering free guest WiFi is the secret to building long-term relationships with nearby consumers Of all the visitors that come through your doors every day, only a fraction leave any trace. Businesses have no way to re-engage, leaving many to simply fade away. More than 60% of visitors never return – Industry Statistics Adding Hownd […]

Top 8 Ways Hownd is Better than Groupon for Local Merchants

Money Dog Circle

Hownd offers local merchants friendly terms while helping them build profitable long-term relationships with nearby consumers The top question we get from potential new merchants on our platform is: “How is Hownd different than Groupon?”   We love that question because we offer local merchants so much more! 8 Reasons Hownd is Better than Groupon […]