Announcing New BOGO and Multi-Redemption Features

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BOGO Graphic
New BOGO Functionality Makes it Easier to Share Gifts and Track Redemptions

BOGO promotions and all their varieties — including buy-one, and get one free, get one 50% off, get a bonus card, get 4-session passes at one special price, and more — can be a really effective way to get more consumer impulse purchases AND are great for merchants because they have higher sale prices (because it’s for multiple products!).


However, when a consumer comes in and wants to redeem only one piece of the BOGO, it’s been all over the board about how to track the remaining value. Sometimes it’s a handwritten certificate given to the customer. Other times, it’s been tracked in the point-of-sale (POS) system. Sometimes, it’s just a sticky note reminder at the front desk.  Frankly, it’s been messy.

At the same time, merchants tell us they would LOVE for consumers to be able to SPLIT a BOGO package into products that can be gifted to different people.  This extra flexibility would make buying a BOGO much more attractive to consumers.  For example, a Mother’s Day BOGO promo can have one massage pass sent to Mom and the other pass sent to a very special Mother-in-Law.

And, while we’re talking about special days, merchants and consumers alike have asked for a way to send a purchased gift at a later date.  So, for example, a consumer could buy a promo and have it delivered on their friend’s special day.  From Hownd’s perspective, this seems like a nice BONUS feature for everyone!

Good news for Merchants!
We recently released new functionality to address ALL of these scenarios: 

1 – BOGO / Multi-Redemption Promos – From simple BOGOs to more elaborate multi-redemption promos, we can now handle them all.  With this new functionality added to your promos, it’s as simple as redeeming a promo each and every time a service is delivered. No more having to track partial redemptions.  Much Better!

Best of all, there’s no change to the redemption process: Individual products can be redeemed in MyHownd or in the Merchant Redemption Portal just like every other promo.

2 – BOGO Gifting – Purchasers can now specify they want to share products within a BOGO package during checkout. 

In some cases, such as multi-session skate lessons, you may not want the products within a package to be giftable.  No worries – we can now handle that scenario too!


BOGO Gifting
Packages have separately-giftable products

3. BONUS!! – Deliver Later Gifting
– The ability to send a gift at a later date is now available for all merchants on all of our landing pages!

Send Gifts at a Later Date
Send gifts to arrive on a special day

Ready to Get Started?

Want to add BOGO redemption and gifting functionality to your campaigns?

This new BOGO functionality is available to all merchants – just ask!  



We would be happy to talk about BOGO and all the other ways we can help you build healthier and stronger relationships with your nearby consumers.


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