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Welcome Yam Properties Tenant! Hownd and Yam Properties have teamed up to bring more foot traffic to your business.

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    Partnering with Yam Properties to Bring You Effortless Foot Traffic

    We’re delighted to partner with Yam Properties and work with tenants just like you to drive the sustainable foot traffic needed to grow — effortlessly. 

    We realize being part of a retail community is a lot of hard work, and bringing new and returning customers back to your business repeatedly and predictably can feel like a struggle. That’s where we do our thing.

    Hownd connects you to your customers at the right place and the right time.

    We generate Effortless Foot Traffic™ by distributing promotions through multiple channels including:

    Hownd helps you easily share promos, get customers, and make money.

    Multi-Channel Promo Distribution
    Affordable Pricing & Add Ons
    No Contracts

    Get more customers ready to shop, and more money in your account!

    Here's How it Works:


    Create Your First Offer

    With a few simple details about your business, we can launch your first offer!


    Release the Hownd

    Once your offer is created, upload your customer list. Hownd will do the work for you to distribute your offer via web, email, and social channels to attract new and returning customers.


    Relax, We Got This

    Enjoy increased foot traffic, track performance and revenue, and create or modify your offerings within the merchant portal.

    What Hownd Does For You

    We Take Pride in

    Helping Businesses Grow

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