Success Stories

Hownd has created success for many Merchants of Fun, Yum and Zen — more new and returning customer foot traffic, more revenue growth, more profit, and more customer data. We’re so proud to work with all of our beloved local merchants, and we’re excited to share their success stories with you!

Real People. Real Stories.

The quality of customers I’m bringing in with Hownd are noticeably better than those I get from daily deal sites, and the ‘Buy Now’ button in the offers is a game-changer.

We definitely get our money’s worth with the platform. The Birthday Club campaign is great. We have a lot of people that come in and mention their birthday to get free admission — our customers love that.


We were in the market for a company that offered a win-win for both us and our customers. We love the plugin, and our customers love how easy it is to redeem and enjoy great offers.

After experimenting with a variety of deal sites and marketing products, we found Hownd. We love being able to drive revenue without mass discounting.

Hownd has grown our customer base, increased sales and web traffic, and given us a way to reward our loyal guests. They get hooked and keep coming back. A huge win.

There are so many people that visit my site, but once they get there, very few stay for long. My Hownd plugin nudges them to purchase the offer by buying right there on the spot.