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Hownd Trsuted Integration Partner



  • Captive WiFi
  • Social Check-Ins
  • Email Automation
  • Foot Traffic Conversion

Company Overview

PoweredLocal converts your real world visitors into a digital profile, complete with contact information, and sends this data into your existing marketing and CRM platforms in real time. By easily leveraging their intelligent Wi-Fi platform to opt-in customers and develop a 360 degree picture, PoweredLocal provides a path to:

  • Grow your customer database
  • Enrich existing customer records with additional data and context
  • Feed your customer data into your ad audiences in real time

Integration Overview

Integration between PoweredLocal and Hownd ensures that each time a new customer accepts access to join your free Wi-Fi network, they are automatically added to your list for re-marketing efforts.

This real time transfer makes it easy for you to target today’s guests with immediate and ongoing promotions through the Hownd platform.

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