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Company Overview

Partywirks is the leading provider of software for event planning, booking and payment solutions designed for businesses that are in the business of coordinating multiple parties, venues, menus, and services.

If there is any merit to the old adage “success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration,” Larry McLean nailed them both. He’d put in the long hours and 20 years of software sales with IBM, Sequent Computer Systems, Intersolv and Broadvision, but Larry had a strong sense of the trend in customer self-directed booking and buying software for companies that planned and coordinated multiple parties, events, menus and venues. He was inspired by the meteoric growth of the internet and knew that it could be done easier, quicker and more profitable online.

With support from friends and family and modest investor funding Larry started Partywirks out of his home and the business has been self-funded ever since. The idea was to create a software product that solves multiple challenges for business owners, managers, staff…and their customers.

Integration Overview

Integration between PartyWirks and Hownd ensures that customer details captured in the PartyWirks event planning software flow directly into the Hownd Foot Traffic Generation platform for immediate follow-up. This automatic transfer makes it easy for you to target today’s guests with ongoing offers and campaigns that bring them back again and again.

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