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    Hownd drives more digital and in-person transactions to your franchise locations effortlessly with zero-risk.

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    Hownd takes your promotional offers – gift cards, buy now’s, vouchers, coupons and value-add packages – and makes them easy to discover, claim, and redeem. We entice customers and distribute promotions through a variety of channels including:

    Hownd is ideal for Restaurants & Bars, Health & Beauty, Specialty Retail, Amusements & Attractions, and Lodging.

    Hownd is not just another marketing tool.

    In fact, Hownd helps you unlock additional revenue streams while working in tandem with your current marketing strategies and goals to deliver measurable results and support to your brand.

    Hownd runs effortlessly in tandem with your franchise marketing strategies and goals.

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      Have you done this before or is it just a theory?

      Oh, we've done this. Just see how we helped 18|8 :

      Hownd helped 18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salons Leverage Their Website for More New Clients

      As a franchise that prides themselves on “man at his best”, the team at 18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salons set their goals on getting the best results by utilizing their website to bring in new clients starting with their Cincinnati, Ohio location. Much like a new hairdo, the difference was in the details!

      The Challenge

      Never having an issue with drawing clients to their website, 18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salons frustrations were rooted in prospects neither staying for long nor booking at a high enough rate from their existing “Book Online” button.

      The Solution

      We created a discounted two-haircut package promo directed toward collecting new clients and deployed it as a website popup with a conveniently actionable “Buy Online” button. With this popup front and center, new customers were encouraged to purchase right there on the spot, creating a sense of urgency that was previously lacking.

      The Results

      On top of it all: For those that purchased the two haircut package, the Cincinnati location saw a 75% increase in a third visit from new clients.  

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