The Power and Potential of a Strong Online Presence

Strength in Numbers 


No matter the industry, a healthy online presence serves as the sturdy foundation beneath the home of any well-structured marketing strategy. As a reminder, note that 64% off all in-store sales are influenced by what your customers discover onlineso even if a majority of your clientele prefer to do their actual business offline, there’s still value to be unearthed in sharing your services and specials everywhere they’re connected. While staying on top of trends and building your brand may be time consuming, rest assured that the efforts of today can reap benefits for your business tomorrow. With that in mind, let’s break down some blueprints to architect your success and open the window wide to a world of opportunities.

First Impression, Lasting Look

Like it or not, from the moment they first lay eyes upon your website a prospective client is already judging your business from every available angle. First and foremost, they’re looking at the aesthetics – does your website have a clean, modern lookThe ancient era of flash-reliant web hosting platforms such as GeoCities have gone the way of the dinosaur, and in their place stand easy-to-use, secure website builders such as Wix, Weebly, and even WordPress. If needed, creating from scratch an original site on your own or working with a web designer to procure a much needed facelift can be the difference between instant approval – or automatic dismissal. Ideally, you want your site to be simple to navigate with usability and call to action a top priority. Can the user find where to contact you easily? Are your services and price points clearly illustrated? Understand that before you can build trust, you must first build a website that truly stands out for all the right reasons.

 SEO: Get in Where You Fit in                   

According to adweek.com, 81% of consumers utilize search engines such as Google to research a business, product or service before making a purchasing decision. As a result, you should desire to be front and center of every relevant search as it relates to your industry. Begin to accomplish this by publishing applicable quality content that your client base searches for and shares while incorporating keywords for your market. Update your content on a consistent basis by highlighting new services or starting a blog on your site to share your thoughts and encourage community engagement. Generally speaking, the more active your site appears – the better your ranking will be.

 Spread Your Wings as a Social Butterfly

As detailed in our recent blog, the importance of maintaining a dynamic social media presence on Instagram – as well as industry staples such as Facebook and Twitter go hand in hand with the growth of any small business. At the risk of sounding redundant, develop a sound strategy to utilize every social media platform your clients frequent and format your content to optimize for each platform. This means photos and hashtags on Instagram, videos and short announcements on Facebook, and character-contained tips and tidbits on Twitter. Discover which networks work best for you and find a consistent posting balance between information and engaging content.

All That You Can Be

Setting yourself apart from your competition is a the perfect small business brew of strategy, smarts, and maintaining a sterling reputation online. Cost-effective solutions that bring a necessary boost – and boom are readily available for you to continue to grow your relationships with existing clients and gain new ones. So continue to explore, expand and evolve online, on route to tapping your maximum potential.

Devin Pangaro, FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager

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