What is a PPV Fee?

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Instead of paying by the number of emails sent or size of the consumer database, Hownd merchants pay only for the desired result of a consumer at the doorstep of their physical location.  Instead of spending time and money on physical coupon packs, designing and sending emails, or developing their own campaigns, local merchants can simply offload the effort (and risk) to Hownd.  The merchant simply pays a PPV (Pay-Per-Visit™) Fee for each consumer visit.

The PPV Fee varies based upon a number of factors, including the merchant’s business type and region.  For example, a small ice cream parlor would have a relatively small PPV Fee (e.g. $2), while a large amusement park or full-service spa would have PPV Fees to match their higher average ticket value.

Billing Frequency:   

While subscription fees are billed monthly, PPV Fees may be charged at other intervals based upon activity, such as every 10 visits or every $50.  This is a merchant-by-merchant setting that can be configured by Hownd.

To View your PPV Rate:

  1. Click Settings at the top of the screen.
  2. Then, click Subscription Plan.
  3. Under Subscription Plan, you can view Your Plan & PPV Rate
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