How to Capture First-Time Visitors Before They Disappear Forever

By the time a local business reaches the two-year mark, they have mastered the art of new customer acquisition, but still struggle at making it profitable. Often, business owners are relying on those customers to come back to turn a profit, yet these first-time visitors come in for a deal and never come back again. This begs the question of what business owners can do to make sure their new customers return enough times that the business makes a profit. 

Data collection is pivotal to reaching your first-time visitors a second time and ensuring they come back. In this article, we’ll show you how to collect data from every first-time visitor as the first step to bringing them back in. 

Ask People for a Maybe, Instead of a Commitment

Often, the people who see your offers may not want to take out their credit card immediately and pay for your offer. By asking for them to simply raise their hand, you can build your email list and also increase foot traffic to your business.  If they don’t end up coming in, it’s not all lost. You can have a team member pick up the phone and call your list of hot leads who want your great offer.

Collect Birthdays and Emails on Your Website 

Thousands of visitors come to your website every month, but how many do you actually connect to? Are you giving any of them the opportunity to give their email without purchasing?  By making it easy to learn more about your center without a big commitment, you can collect more data including email addresses and birthday dates.  Now you can use your website to build the list you need to increase visitors.

Provide Free Wifi in Exchange for Contact Information

To take your data collection to the next level, install a WiFi Collector inside the walls of your business. Now when parents are looking to enjoy time on their phone while their kids have fun, you can give them the WiFi they are looking for in exchange for their email addresses and kid’s birthdays. Now you can bring that family back, simply by giving the mom WiFi.

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